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Castles in Bendeví

Koules Fortress

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Elif (elli) Konuksal
5 March 2013
The best place for relax ..!
Pavlos E
31 October 2011
The Castle was constructed by the Venetians in the early 13th century, when they conquered the town. Today it is called "Koules" which means “fortress” in Turkish.
Kitsos Mitsos
31 March 2013
Perfect scenery for a lot of pictures. Pay a visit, it is absolutely free. The harbour with the small boats is usually colourfull.
Bardia K.
25 June 2017
Surprisingly spacious and well worth the €2 full price entrance fee. Many informative signs throughout. Beautiful views of the sea and the city
Fedor Muhosranskiy
15 June 2017
Nice place for some walk
anthi mastrogiannaki
10 March 2017
It is the best place if you want a walk at night under the moonlight and near the sea. There are a lot of restaurants there if you want to enjoy fresh fish with your friends.
Ariadni Markouizou
4 August 2016
Great romantic place to walk through
Vicky Mita
15 December 2015
Go there a chill night and stare the sea with someone special :)
Dimitris Kotsios
8 February 2015
Nice place to take some walk or relax!
Maria Koutsioumpa
23 April 2013
Τέλειο μέρος για περπάτημα, ηρεμία και χαλάρωση. Ειδικά όταν ο καιρός το επιτρέπει.
Julien Sangay
29 September 2015
Très beau fort et une jetée qui donne envie de se promener et d'y passer de longues heures à regarder la mer et écouter le bruit des vagues pour les amoureux!
Света Яковлева
Красивая и величественная крепость) не обращая внимания на ветер, обязательно пройдите ее целиком)
Jennyfer Becquet
3 April 2016
Promenade sympa
Maria N
5 February 2016
Υπέροχο μέρος!
Gökhan Gökmen
4 November 2015
Burada doğa çok iyidir
Grigoris Mavridis
20 October 2015
Από τα καλύτερα σημεία του Ηρακλείου για περπάτημα και τρέξιμο.
sangjin Kim
1 August 2015
아침에 일찍일어나 조깅하기 좋은 곳. 바다 공기 마시며 왕복하면 5킬로는 달리는 듯.. 다만 바닥에 소금이 오랜세월 쌓여 굳어서 그런지 은근히 바닥이 미끄러우니 조심해야 함. 밤에는 조명이 없어서 상당히 무서움. 아침에 조깅코스로는 강추
Kyriakos Kartas
23 May 2015
Πρόκληση το τρέξιμό του και ξανα πίσω! Πολύ όμορφο το βράδυ ή για βόλτα με το ποδήλατο.
Dimitris Soulias
17 February 2015
Η απογευματινή βόλτα με φόντο το ηλιοβασίλεμα δε συγκρίνεται με κάτι άλλο...
Elena Vakali
9 November 2014
Πολύ όμορφο μέρος για κυριακάτικη βόλτα...
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